Q. Where can you buy WarPaint products?

A. You can purchase WarPaint products at my Online Store, at my WarPaint Parties or by booking a WarPaint consultation.

Q.Can I book you for makeup for a night out? If so where will take place?

A. Yes you can book a makeup application with me for a special occasion. You can come to me or I will travel to you (a small travel expense will be included).

Q.How do you go about making your own makeup range?

A.I don’t actually make WarPaint myself. The product is made by an FDA approved cosmetic manufacturer in New York. In 2007 I visited their showroom to test out the cosmetics. I then chose a selection of products to work with for 6 months before deciding on the final range for my brand.

Q. Do you offer a Pro discount?

A. I don’t offer a Pro discount at this time. Alternatively if you would like to become a ‘WarPaint Consultant’ I do offer an amazing discount on WarPaint kits and then at least 20% discount/commission on purchases/sales.

Q.   What form of payments do you take?

A.   You can pay by credit card or laser debit card via PayPal online. You can also pay by cheque, bank draft or cash. NB. Cheques and bank drafts should be made payable to Lisa O Connor.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. You can place an order online. You can also email an order to lisa@warpaint.ie or ring me on 087 295 5521.

Q. I’ve placed my order so when can I expect it to arrive?

A. Once payment is received I will endeavour post your order within 5 working days.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. The best way to check if your order has been processed or sent is to email lisa@warpaint.ie or call 087299921. Please quote your name and products ordered.

Q. Do you accept International orders?

A. Yes WarPaint is shipped worldwide.

Q. How do I choose the correct products and colours.

A. I always recommend that if you are a WarPaint ‘newbie’ to book a WarPaint Consultation or attend one of the WarPaint Parties.

Q. Are WarPaint products suitable for everyone?

A. Yes WarPaint products and colours are designed to be suitable for all ages, skin type and eye colour. The ‘Liquid to Powder Mineral Foundation’ is perfect for teens starting to wear foundations as its oil free and wont clog pores. It’s perfect for dry skin due to its creamy texture and self-setting finish. It’s also suitable for the most sensitive skin types including rosacea, psoriasis and acne. I have clients that will only use this product on their while undergoing cancer treatment. All shadow, blush and lip colours are suitable for every age and skin/eye colour.