Behind the Scenes

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  • take me out 1
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  • The Voice shoot coaches
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  • Bressie
  • Danny Jones McFly
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  • Jamelia for the Late Late Show
  • Jamelia week 4
  • Kathryn Thomas. week 4
  • Kathryn Thomas
  • Kelly Mongan
  • Kian Egan
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  • Sharon Corr for the Late Late Show
  • Sharon Corr week 4
  • Sharon Corr
  • Sinead O Brien
  • Tammy Browne week 4 image 2jpg
  • The Voice shoot bressie
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  • take me out 2

Here are some behind the scene images from shoots and TV shows that I have worked on. They include a shoot for Life Magazine for Elaine Curtis Autumn/Winter 2012 and a shoot for American actor Chris O Donnell for CBS Watch magazine on location in Ashford Castle.

There are lots from The Voice of Ireland especially series 2. We have a shoot with the coaches at D-light studios. Backstage of The Late Late show with Sharon Corr and Jamelia out in RTE. There are plenty of shots of the contestants, the coaches and some guest acts in the makeup room at the Helix.

We have a couple more from out in the Helix but this time from Take Me Out. I have none from the wrap parties ‘what happens at the wrap stays at the wrap!’


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